ACM, Paylite, Corflute Signs

ACM, Paylite, Corflute Signs

ACM Panels

Designed for permanent long term signage

Our Aluminum composite panels wrapped in premium Arlon vinyl graphics and come with either gloss or matte laminate. These ACM signs can also be router cut or even backlit to create a truly eye-catching sign!

Perfect for building signage, strong site signage, road signs.


Paylite Panels

Gallery finish with a lower price point

Available in white or black and up to 6mm thick, Paylite panels get the premium Arlon graphic treatment for a gallery quality image, at an affordable price

Perfect for interior prints, cheaper outdoor prints, artwork, trade show printing.


Corflute Sheets

Lightweight promotional signage

Corflute is available in a variety of thicknesses and colours. Paired with our premium vinyl prints, these make an inexpensive yet highly effective way to advertise your business or service

Suited for real estate signs or sales boards especially when paired with our Pigtail stakes.

Perfect for sales and promos, For Sale signs, garden spike signage, temporary signage.

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Site Safety Signage

Keep your staff and customers safe and informed with our sturdy site safety signage. Protect your staff by maintaining safe working environments. On work sites, construction sites, mining sites, educational campuses and high traffic areas, regulatory safety signs assist with alerting workers, visitors and employees to minimise the risk of an accident or how to proceed in an emergency.

For a sign that can’t be missed, use our 3M reflective material to get the attention of anyone walking past your sign!

Temporary and Permanent Signage

Permanent signs, often installed on buildings, walls and other outdoor settings are made from more durable materials such as ACM. (Aluminum Composite Material)
These are more costly when compared to temporary signage, but pay for themselves as they last far longer.

To make the biggest impact these signs are often used with highly reflective material or even illuminated to grab the eye of anyone that may pass by your location.

Temporary signs are often made of cheaper, lightweight materials such as Corflute or Paylite. As these are made of a less durable material, they are suitable for short term use or one-time events only, such as meetings, parties and real estate signage.

Printed on premium vinyl the sign still retains its vivid colour like a permanent ACM sign to attract the eye of passers-by. But as it lacks the longevity, it will need to be replaced in a shorter timeframe.

The cost of cost cutting

Keep in mind as the name implies temporary signs are supposed to be temporary. A business looking to cut costs by using cheaper signage instead of spending more on something more permanent, may save in the short term but over the long term it will end up costing more in replacements.


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